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3 Reasons Giving Back Can Move Your Business Forward    

By Kristin Bowen, Marketing Manager for St. Charles Convention Center

3 Reasons Giving Back Can Move Your Business Forward

We’ve all heard about the studies proving that charitable acts make for happier people, but it extends beyond the individual. Charitable giving is also great for your business and here’s why:

1. Your clients prefer philanthropic companies. You’ve heard about companies losing customers due to bad business practices, but did you know businesses can gain business from taking part in good causes? A Cone Communications 2013 study revealed that, “Given similar price and quality, consumers are likely to switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause.” Consumers that were either somewhat or very likely to switch brands constituted 91% of the study’s population. By aligning yourself with a good cause, you show clients you care about more than just your bottom line; you care about them and the community at large.

2. Giving back builds relationships with your community. Global Spectrum’s St. Charles Convention Center’s Helping Hands for the Holidays event is a great example of how giving back builds relationships within the community. This charity event invites in-need individuals for a free hot meal, picture with Santa, winter clothing, and more. To make the event the success that it is, they also invite local businesses to help spread the word about the event, donate items, volunteer, and set up booths at the event to share their services. The Convention Center has received countless praise for leading the effort and they are not alone. Every Global Spectrum managed venue is involved in charitable giving to their respective communities and can help you do the same!

3. Charity events leave a lasting impression. Hosting a charity event during your next tradeshow, convention, or event is a great way to leave a lasting impression with attendees and the local community. Building a home, painting a house, and cleaning up a river bed are examples of charitable acts that you as an event and meeting professional can organize. Similar to a team building effort, attendee volunteering opportunities make you look (and feel) good as both a business and individual.