Our Team

Our team is at your service! Let us know what we can do to make your event experience a success.


Jeff Esposito

General Manager

(270) 687-8921

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Sales & Marketing

Josh Gann

Josh Gann

Director of Sales

(270) 297-9922

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Jeanette Goins

Director of Marketing

(270) 687-8929

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J.T. Pedley

J.T. Pedley

Senior Sales Manager

(270) 297-9931

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Jacob Whitfill

Sales Manager

(270) 687-8928

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Kaitlyn Alvey

Social Sales Manager

(270) 687-8951

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Food & Beverage

Mark Pruett

Director of Food & Beverage

(270) 687-8922

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Michelle Pessia

Executive Chef

(270) 687-8952

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Justin Westerfield

Justin Westerfield

Sous Chef

(270) 687-8952

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Rena Hamilton

Food & Beverage Manager

(270) 687-8953

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Cody Thomas

Director of Events

(270) 687-8950

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Mary Midkiff

Event Manager

(270) 687-8924

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Shelby Christensen

Event Manager

(270) 687-8927

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Lexi Lundy

Event Manager

(270) 687-8944

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Allen Herzog

Director of Operations

(270) 687-8960

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Jerry Jeffries

Operations Manager

(270) 687-8940

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Jamie Scheffer

Director of Finance/Asst. General Manager

(270) 687-8956

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Laurie Evans

Staff Accountant

(270) 687-8943

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Brad Bailey

Ticketing Manager

(270) 687-8942

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Ashley Crask

Admin Assistant/Guest Services Manager

(270) 687-8925

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