The Owensboro Convention Center is proud to showcase unique pieces of artwork inside the venue that portray the region’s culture.

“The Legendary Ohio” is a focal point as you enter the venue. The 50’x20’ work, designed by Owensboro native Brook Forrest White, Jr., consists of 300 intricate hand-blown glass pieces. The composition is a representation of the Ohio River, and you’ll note the bend in the piece – the bend in the river near the Owensboro Convention Center.

“The Cascade” is a 157-piece display that hangs from the lobby ceiling and is placed prominently to take full advantage of the southern exposure and large windows in the building. The fused blue and green stained glass are comprised of both iridized and translucent colors and are curved to offer a contrasting compliment to the more angular lines of the center’s architecture. According to the Kentucky artist Dan Neil Barnes, “the red piece speaks to the heart of this city and community.”