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OBKY 2020 Select Bourbon Exclusively Offered at the Owensboro Convention Center

Spectra, the providers of Venue Management and Food Services and Hospitality to the Owensboro Convention Center, is excited to make a tasty announcement! Bourbon lovers visiting the venue will find a new select bourbon now being offered, exclusively at the Owensboro Convention Center.

In the Fall of 2019, members of the Spectra team visited the Bulleit Distilling Company in Shelbyville, KY to select a whiskey barrel for a bourbon that would be available only at the Owensboro Convention Center.  The OBKY 2020 Select, made with the exclusive Bulleit Bourbon Single Barrel 104 Proof, is available now for upcoming events.

“Bulleit is one of the most requested brands at our events, and we are happy to have the opportunity to offer this select barrel to our attendees at the Owensboro Convention Center,” said Laura Alexander, General Manager for Spectra Venue Management.

“Adding Owensboro’s own Bulleit Single Barrel Bourbon to our menu has been an exciting adventure,” stated Spectra’s Director of Food and Beverage, Mark Pruett.  “We hope all those that try it are just as impressed as we are.”

The Owensboro Fashioned featuring the OBKY 2020 Select will be featured as a specialty drink at the Owensboro Convention Center’s events throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond.